Getting Started

  • Run clickable init to get started with a new app.
  • Choose from the list of app templates.
  • Provide all the needed information about your new app.
  • When the app has finished generating, enter the newly created directory containing your app.
  • Run clickable to compile your app and install it on your phone.

Getting Logs

To get logs from you app simply run clickable logs. This will give you output from C++ (QDebug() << "message") or from QML (console.log("message")) in addition to any errors or warnings.

Running on the Desktop

Running the app on the desktop just requires you to run clickable --desktop. This is not as complete as running the app on your phone, but it can help speed up development.

Accessing Your Device

If you need to access a terminal on your Ubuntu Touch device you can use clickable shell to open up a terminal to your device from your computer. This is a replacement for the old phablet-shell command.

Ubuntu Touch SDK Api Docs

For more information about the Ubuntu Touch QML or HTML SDK check out the docs over at UBports.

Submitting to the OpenStore

When you are ready to publish your app, head to the OpenStore’s submission page.