Continuous Integration

Clickable CI Docker Images

Two docker images are available for easily using Clickable with a continuous integration setup. They can be found on Docker hub: clickable/ci-15.04-armhf and clickable/ci-16.04-armhf for vivid/15.04 and xenial/16.04 respectively. The images come with Clickable pre installed and already setup in container mode.

GitLab Example

With GitLab’s CI solution it is trivial to add Clickable building and publish to your click apps. For an example of this in action, check out the Clickable GitLab example app.

To implement this in your own repository, create a .gitlab-ci.yml:

  image: clickable/ci-15.04-armhf
  - clickable --vivid clean build click-build review publish

  image: clickable/ci-16.04-armhf
  - clickable clean build click-build review publish

After that’s setup, the last step is to add the environment variable OPENSTORE_API_KEY to your GitLab project (You can find your OpenStore api key when you log into the OpenStore).